Just me & you & our back deck

Link to house concert page, Toronto

For the past year, we’ve been hosting our house concerts by bringing in different musical guests and hosting them virtually on Zoom. Last week we tried a driveway concert with the whole gang. That was fun, but this Sunday, I’d love to do something radically different…

How about you join me -- either on Zoom or in person -- on my back deck. I’ll share some of the songs I’ve written. I’ll play some of my favourite covers. We’ll talk about them. About life. About anything.

It’ll be fun, casual, and definitely unplugged.

And if another musician joins us, well, hopefully he or she will have a guitar (or whatever) too!

All I ask is that if you do want to join me physically, please be double vaccinated, and please get your rsvp ticket early. Select the appropriate RSVP at: https://jacquesrusselltrio.com/house-concerts