Michel and Barbara’s moVirtual House Concerts with Max Marshall and Leanne Mayer!

ZOOM Interactive Concert

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Windsor-born Marshall exploded into the folk music scene in 2017, performing more than 200 shows across Canada and the U.K. He has five songs celebrating Windsor-Essex, including 'Workin' in the Salt Mine' and 'The Windsor Hum.'

Max is a fingerstyle guitarist with a passion for crafting songs out of stories from the vast palate of the Canadian folk Identity. With country blues and ragtime influences, he delivers a heartfelt, personal performance that extends from soft introspection to frenzied bluesy interpretations featuring a largely underexposed style of acoustic guitar.

You just gotta hear him play! https://maxmarshall.org/


Leanne Mayer is a frequently mentioned name in the London, Ontario folk scene, if not the scene at large. Winner of the 2019 Forest City London Music Award for Contemporary Singer Songwriter.

Hailing from Kirkland Lake, Ontario, London is where Leanne established her musical roots. She quickly ascended from local solo singer/songwriter sweetheart to a London lounge pop queen. She sold out both her Kirkland Lake and London release parties for her highly-acclaimed debut E.P. “Bittersweet Remedy” - all within just under two years! Her music is regularly featured on CBC London.

You’re going to love her moxie and her music! http://www.leannemayermusic.com/

THE ZOOM LINK will be sent by email to everyone on the announcement list on Friday with a reminder on Saturday around 6 pm est. (Check your junk folder if you don't see it.) If you are not on it, or not sure if you're on it, well, get on it!

Click here: https://forms.gle/ZRU92mSqpP2wkEuq7

Between the house concerts and the ones I have been hosting with Jacques Russell Trio, we've been experimenting with different formats... and we found that Zoom concerts have great audio quality + great interactivity. It's almost as if we really are together in the same room!

That's better than live streams not only for you in the audience, it's better for the musicians because we get to see.

There will be a virtual tip jar with suggested donation of $15 per person. Feel free to use it now! https://jacquesrusselltrio.com/ It's fun!


Each of us will perform 3 songs, and like our in-person house concerts we used to have, there is a tip jar which will be shared amongst the performers.

We wish/pray/hope/suggest $15 per person... Your contribution is one small way we can keep live music alive, so please be as generous as you are able... but what's even more important is that you are part of the community no matter what you contribute, so you are welcome to put in less... or more!

In fact, you can do it right now at https://jacquesrusselltrio.com/ (Scroll partway down the page to see the red cups.)