Jacques Russell Trio ALL TOGETHER NOW Facebook LIve

Facebook Live!

We are getting all together for a special event this Sunday. yes, all 5 of us will be playing together, socially distant but together in one backyard, for one livestream!

Abbey, Pierre, Natalie, me and Jacques himself will all be here for a full set of fun music.... hopefully you can be too!

You can catch us live streamed on Facebook and posted afterward on the platform of your preference!

https://www.facebook.com/JacquesRussellTrio/live/ https://www.youtube.com/jacquesrusselltrio https://jacquesrusselltrio.com/videos

This livestream is a fundraiser to help fund production of our original music. PWYC or just show up and enjoy. All good either way.

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It's always fun with Jacques Russell Trio!